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This blog, like many things in life has morphed over time. I originally created it to keep people up to date about a missions trip I took to Ukraine in 2010/2011. That page is linked here. Yes, we left in 2010 and came back in 2011!

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Since then, I have realized that I love to write! I love to share my thoughts on life and the encouragement God has given me. We all have a unique story. Through out life there will be deeply painful things that we experience. And because our Saviour is also a Redeemer, He can turn that pain into our passion.


Writing helps me process my thoughts and feelings. You will find that I only speak from my heart and what’s going on in that heart-moment.

Every day topics such as Mothering, Marriage, Tears, Schooling, Pregnancy, Seasons, Hormones, my Family


And God things like Ministry, Missions, Legalism, HonestyGrieving, Addiction and choosing to see the good

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I’m so glad we’ve found each other! I hope through my musings, God stirs something in your heart. I’d love to hear from you. Please feel to comment of course or email if you’d like.

I really love hearing from you...

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