Five Minute Friday: Nothing

**I’m a day late and a dollar short. But I think you’ll forgive me for that.


I have nothing.

You have nothing.

There really is just nothing.

Nothing in us that clings or holds tight. Nothing that is good or hopes. Nothing that does that thing that is right.

And I know this and it scares me. The nothing scares me. Because I want there to be something, anything.

I want there to be something to fall on and hope in and cling to. Something within me that will hold tighter when my fingers are slipping.

But when I look down deep I find nothing. Nothing within me that comes from me that makes me want to stand strong when the waves roll me over.

Instead there is Someone. Who takes my nothing and replaces it with His everything. So that I don’t have to fear. Fear that my fingers may slip or my hold will break or my hope fail.

Because my nothing has always been nothing. And His everything is enough.

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