I just have to post something today. Since we’ll never see another date like this one in our life time!

(Kelli, it would be a good day to have a baby! Just sayin’)

We are a bunch of sickies around here and trying to get better. So not much to report. But how about some pictures from the last couple of months…

Judah took his first plane ride! Olivia, Judah and I went to see a friend get married the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was exhausting, but he did great and it was so good to share in the fun of that day!
Olivia and I had the wedding. The older she gets, the more she looks like me!
What can I say, he has his daddy’s ears.
We’ve had some cold days scattered amongst the warm. Judah is wearing his very warm, hand-love knitted sweater from a sweet friend, Lara! Thanks friend!
While at the play ground, Deke lost his second front tooth (literally)… we never found it!
 We have been working hard at finding some food that Judah will actually eat. He pretty much hates everything. But after a month I think I’ve finally figured it out. Rice, peas, and chicken broth. Strangest baby so far!
Olivia wanted to be a Piratess for the Fall Festival.
… and this is why she’s not allowed to wear makeup – ever!
While in Iowa, we had several very rough nights (waking up 5-7 times!) This is how we ended up by morning!
He loves his little polka-dot giraffe!
(and yes, I have a white wicker changing table!)
Deacon found a snake and we made him our pet. Sadly though, he made his escape (in our house) and is still MIA to this day… yeah.
Elijah loves Judah. It’s so sweet. He just can’t get enough!
Levi was so brave to attempt rock climbing at the Fall Festival this year. Although he didn’t quite make it, he gave it his all!
This is my favorite.
My 82 year old grandmother called me the day before Thanksgiving and told me that it was about time she teach me how to cook. She was serious. And so this is her showing me how to make mashed potatoes. I played dumb and she felt important. She doesn’t eat salt, so they tasted terrible.
She had us retake the picture too, with us looking at the camera. =)
I can’t help but love her!

On the way home from the airport a deer hit us. Yes, it ran into us. They ended up totaling it the van. So we had to get a new vehicle. We decided on an Excursion and I love it.
 It’s even a diesel!
Levi was a little too excited about getting a hair cut. I really almost had to cut this out!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

At the Christmas Parade down town.
And I realize that the pictures are a little unbalanced… pretty heavy on the Judah side! but here’s one more of our cute boy.

Judah is 6 months now. That is so hard to believe! It really does go by so fast. We have been thankful every day, even through the hardest moments.
Today he is working hard at cutting his first tooth
Going to sleep on his own in his own bed
Sleeping through the night
Eating food
Sitting up
and rolling over!
It’s a fun time and we are loving it.
Happy 12.12.12!

4 thoughts on “12.12.12

  1. Love it, Mika'l. Thanks for taking time to post those. Judah looks really distressed about that food. But what a cheerful boy though most of the time, from the looks of the photos. Wish we were closer to see you all more often. And, you're going to either have to lock Olivia up or beat the boys off with a stick- you probably already are. She's a beauty like her mama.
    love ya :l

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