If you look closely, you will see the nice dark line of dirt underneath my sweet baby’s toe nail.


I completely understand how my 7 and 5 year old come in with black, caked nails. After all they were most likely digging in dirt searching for turtle food (worms).

But a sweet 5 month old who isn’t even sitting or crawling yet? Now that stumps me!

It is a reminder of the world we live in. No matter how ‘clean’ we try to keep ourselves, there is always some sort of ‘dirt’ trying to sneak in. No matter how innocent we seem, there is some kind of film underneath.

Olivia tried an experiment recently. The ‘perfect’ experiment. She wanted to see how perfect she  could be for one whole day.

I think I burst her little bubble when I said, no matter how perfect you are, there will still be sin in your heart that will make your efforts imperfect. She tried anyway, and did very well at pretending I might add.

But there will always be that fine dark line of dirt, no matter how hard we try.

So thankful for the blood of Jesus that washes all things white as snow… Oh how we need Him.

One thought on “Toiling

  1. I was thinking this past week of how hard we work at cleaning. I've been reading posts of several bloggers who are traveling in Peru with Compassion International and I thought of how much time and energy we spend into cleaning: clothes, kids, food, surfaces, floors, etc… and people in many other parts of the world are just trying to survive. They have dirt floors, dirty clothes and dig through garbage heaps. I'm not saying cleaning is useless – but it was sort of eye opening to me to think of it this way. Sounds like we were thinking similar thoughts this week! Hope your flight went well!

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