I Have Worms in my Fridge

And no, I don’t mean maggots.

I have worms in my refrigerator because I have boys in my home.

I said I would never have hamsters in my house.

Or snakes…

Or frogs…

Or any other kind of reptile.

But I didn’t have boys when I foolishly said all those things.

And now I even have worms in my fridge.

To feed all those reptiles, you know.

But I don’t really mind anymore. Because I love my boys.

And I’m starting to love what they love.

But absolutely, positively NO tigers or lions!

You gotta draw the line somewhere.

3 thoughts on “I Have Worms in my Fridge

  1. One year I gave my son some worms, a container with holes, and some shredded newspaper for his birthday. It was his introduction into vermicomposting. It was kind of cool to feed the worms our trash. He is now interested in farming and has a little compost area in the woods.

  2. Isn't it wonderful how they change our mind about the world?! Lucy is even warming me up to snakes, well, only a little. Frogs are, I now see, fun… for a while.

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