If you expected to see pictures, you will be disappointed.

No one was holding the camera at the moment needed to capture just the right angle…

of my pointed finger

my hands holding my forehead

the clench of my jaw

the tears that threatened to spill

my furrowed brow

the look of disappointment in my eyes

my head bowed over the bathroom sink, crying out but hearing nothing

the white knuckles that gripped the steering wheel

the look of fear in his eyes

her clenched jaw mimicking mine

the tears that spilled over his red-round cheeks

Funny how we only capture the sweet moments, the good and easy times. The times that make us look good and sweet and easy going.

But in reality, we are faced with frustrations moment by moment that threaten to undo us, and often does. Today I was undone. I failed as a mother. As a teacher. As a wife.

Thankfully there is tomorrow – fresh, with no mistakes in it!
There is a God, who’s mercies will be new and fresh tomorrow too.
There are second (and third and fourth and fifth, etc..) chances found in Him.
There is His grace and forgiveness and redemption.

And there will be a cup of coffee ready to greet me, no conditions pending… good night!

3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Oh yes, and I have been repenting of my tone of voice this week, my shouts and my lack of words of encouragement and praise. But, the Lord was good to remind me tonight. And I'm hoping to smile over my cup of coffee in the morning no matter how those little ones are feeling. He smiles over you, friend, too. How great is His love.

  2. For some reason I am drawn to these kind of posts. I love REAL people. Thankful you are willing to be so transparent.

    I always found it so humbling when you blow it with your children in the morning right before devotions…

    Enjoy your coffee!

    ~ Mom

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