Happy Anny to Us!

I know you must all be waiting with bated breath for another 6 part Anniversary post. I am so sorry to disappoint. Yes, it is our 10th Anniversary today and probably warrants such. But alas, that ship has sailed and another has sailed in (we call him Judah) so this will have to suffice.
The other day I was napping on the couch. The older three were at Nana’s and baby was snug by my side. I turned on a Netflix movie for some background noise, something I could sleep through. The cursor landed on Emma, a Jane Austin movie. Good enough.
I dozed in and out for most of the movie. At one point my ears picked up the monologue Emma was having with herself.
Emma, making it her personal mission to play match maker has found herself in a possible match with Mr. Churchill. This was what she wrote in her diary that night… 
“Well, he loves me! He was on the verge of telling me when his father burst in.
I felt listless after he left and had some sort of a headache, so I must be in love as well. I must confess, I expected love to feel somewhat different than this. I may determine how deep a love I feel through his absence.”
As I laid there with my eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the little body next to me, I smiled. Laughed really. “Listless and a bit of a headache…??” Is that all love is?
No, of course not. I mean, he does give me a headache every now and then. And I’m sure I make him feel listless after a week of playing ‘housewife’. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of listlessness or headache our dear Emma was referring to.
Thankfully, for those of you wondering, Emma does come to her senses, as much as a character from a Jane Austin movie can. She sees the irredeemable faults in Mr. Churchill (not to mention he was engaged to another anyway) and suddenly awakens to the love she has for the one and only Mr. Knightly. *Sigh*
So what does love look like 10 years later?
Love is ~
Watching your man rock a baby in the middle of the night.
Stretching across fuzzy heads to steal a kiss.
Your heart leaping just a bit when you hear the front door open after a long day.
Waking up to five loads of laundry folded neatly on the table.
That feeling of security.
Him calling to let you know he got a babysitter for tonight.
My head against his chest.
Catching him staring at me.
Long car rides of comfortable quiet.
Working it out.
Forgiving and being forgiven.
Holding his hand and still loving it.
Understanding without words.
Deep compassion for the other, even when you’re hurt.
Crying at the thought of losing him.
Praying so hard.
Watching him hug the other little lady in his life.
Seeing the trash can out by the road.
Watching him play catch with my little men, their eyes glowing.
Text messaged pictures of him and the kids having fun on dates.
Him saying no to meetings to be at baseball games.
Conversations about nothing that mean everything.
The quiet “I love you’s”.
Smelling him while making the bed every morning.
Picking up clothes dropped on the floor.
Seeing him in each of my four children.
Looking forward to more of him…

If you ask me, that beats any silly Jane Austin movie!
Happy Anny, Baby! Can’t wait for the rest of our lives…

3 thoughts on “Happy Anny to Us!

  1. this was so so sososo sweet!

    ugh!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. you two make me proud. i can't explain why i feel that way, i just do.

    following and obeying the Lord through your marriage and parenting together-maybe that's it.

    oh, kiss judah for me!

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