Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Baby Boy is really enjoying himself I think.
He’s enjoying listening to Mommy’s tummy rumblings and heart beat and voice as she sings to him.
He loves being curled up in a tight ball and floating upside down.
He likes his hiney being lodged in Mommy’s ribs.
And tickling her sides with his toes.
He LOVES it when Mommy gets up 5 times a night to, you know…
He thinks it’s fun making Mommy waddle around. Especially when other people share their hilarious comments about such.
And I know he must of had a chuckle when Mommy got stuck in the van because she couldn’t open the door wide enough to get out. She had to find a new parking spot.
He loves making Mommy’s belly jump and roll even when it makes her squint and cringe.
He likes hearing his brothers and sister talk to him through a wall of warmth and protection.
And kicking against Daddy’s hand.
He’s loving the endless debate on what his name will be!
I know you are having a wonderful time inside Mommy, my sweet baby boy, but…
you are going to love it even more on the outside.
Baby Boy’s nursery (can you believe this is in my closet!). Art donated by three loving siblings. The banner reads, ” Lil’ Piece of Heaven”. Blankets and (hanging) booties made by friend’s very loving hands.
I promise!

4 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug in a Rug

  1. Ah, so wonderful Mika'l. We love waiting with you. Looking forward to seeing this new little one, and you all again-hope sometime this year! xo :l

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