A Forceful Reminder

I am grateful for the little reminders we receive throughout our lives that it’s ok to slow down, to let things go, to relax just a bit more.

Being pregnant has been the reminder I needed.

I realized this the other night while making dinner, when I dropped an egg noodle on the floor.

It stayed there for a couple of days (this is the only time I wish I had a dog).

I’ve learned that you don’t have to run to the stove when the pot is over flowing. You can casually walk if you want, waddle even, and get to it in time before something disastrous happens.

I’ve learned that the phone doesn’t have to be answered on the 1st ring or even the 10th. That the person calling will understand you needing to call them back because you just couldn’t get there fast enough.

I’ve learned that toes can be used for fingers.

And that the dishes wont mind sitting in the sink another day.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to go and do to enjoy life. You can stay and do nothing and it be ok.

I’ve learned to let others help out (others as in an 8 and 6 and 5 year old). It teaches them responsibility and allows me to let go of perfectionism, at least a little.

I’ve learned that birthday presents and thank you notes can be late and still carry meaning.

And that the yard can look played in and it not matter what the neighbors think (sorry mom and dad).

I’ve learned that children can survive longer than you would have thought when you forget to feed them lunch. (yes, I really did that)

And that cereal makes for a great dinner.

That life and church and family continues even when you have to lay down a while.

I think that’s been the biggest thing. I used to think I was so important. The world would literally come to an end if I didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t.

It hasn’t.

And I’m so glad. Because I just can’t keep bending over, backwards or otherwise. It’s just too dang hard at them moment.

2 thoughts on “A Forceful Reminder

  1. Just don't think we can do without you too much longer. 🙂 We grant you this season and can't wait to meet that little guy with you!

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