Last Days

It hit me yesterday.

As I was opening baby shower gifts and holding tiny blue clothes in my hands. It finally hit me. Hard.

Baby boy is on his way and will be here very soon.

How soon, we don’t know for sure. D-day is 4 weeks from now. But my babies have always been 1 -2 weeks old by the time that day finally rolled around.

It was strange as reality crept up the back of me and landed on top of my head. I think it messed up my hair just a bit, because I felt a little disheveled.

I had been tired that morning after not sleeping well the night before. It’s funny how he’s already keeping me up nights. I fully anticipated a lengthy nap that afternoon.

But as soon as I got home, the nap was no longer needed. Instead what was needed was baby clothes washed and sorted, thank you notes written, and the kitchen de-cluttered.

Nesting has begun. And just in time too. I’ve been worried that it just wouldn’t happen because of my extreme lack of energy.

I am excited and anxious and can’t wait to meet him. To know what his name will be. To see who he looks like. To experience labor in a very different way.

God will provide what we need as we need it. So I’m not worried. But trusting does take work.

So in these last days, we are working hard at trusting, waiting patiently and finally washing baby clothes!

7 thoughts on “Last Days

  1. Mika'l,
    I was very impressed with the birthing center. I was able to be with Heather and then with both her and Michael right up till the end. I went out for some fresh air, and when I came back, she was getting serious about getting that baby born! Anyway, I hope you will love your experience there.
    I am excited for you as you get ready to love on a new little one.
    And BTW- you look just like your beautiful mother in that picture!

  2. The last few weeks are the most exciting, aren't they? So much anticipation. Babies are just such amazing wonderful little miracles. And I am excited for your natural labor/birth – totally beats medicated in my experience. You will do so great!

  3. So excited for you, Mika'l. I loved nesting. Our house was 800 sq ft and I vac'd it for over an hour just a few days before Fidge was born. I am pretty sure my house has never been so clean since.
    Praying for you as you await your sweet little someone. 🙂

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