Happy Birthday to my Man

We have celebrated many birthdays together over the almost 10 years of marriage
and the 5 years of dating before.
Never have I known what to get you. You’d think by this time I’d be better at it… 
So sorry that I’m not.
But even though I’ve never been good at gift giving, I hope you know how
much I love you and how thankful for you that I am.
God has brought us so far and has done such a beautiful work in our marriage.
I am thankful for your hard work and faithfulness to us. Thanks for not quitting.
I am so thankful for the way you provide for us, the stress you endure, all you have accomplished. You make me so proud. So very proud.
I love your sense of humor and the fact that I get you, when not many
others do. You make me laugh every single day.
I love that I learn more about you each day.
I love to hear your thoughts, to know what you are thinking.
You teach me so much.
I love your courage. You aren’t afraid to do what needs to be done. Or say what needs to be said to stand up for grace and righteousness. You challenge me.
I LOVE that we are having another of us. I can’t wait to see what he looks like.
I love that our boys look like you, walk like you, talk like you and love what you love.
Thanks for loving our kids. For changing diapers, for putting them to bed, for getting up the million times it take to make sure they are still in bed! For disciplining and talking with them.
For praying for them.
Thanks for making chocolate chip cookie bars and coffee every morning
and dinner sometimes when I can’t. For doing our grocery shopping.
Thanks for hanging pictures and doing the things that matter to me, even if they don’t matter to you. For telling me I’m beautiful when I feel like a beached whale.
Thanks babe, for loving me.
And for making me feel loved. You are the gift.
I love you.
Happy Birthday

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