I’m not sure what this says about us…

but, we are MOVING again!!

Maybe it just means we are Gypsies… but I’m not sure I’m ok with that!

So yeah, the pictures are always the first to come down. Leaving empty, sad walls.

Then the books. Leaving empty, dusty shelves.

Then the boxes start to take over and I embrace the chaos for a while.

The frustrating part to this move is that I really can’t do much. I’m not on bed rest, but I have been given strict orders to ‘take it easy’ by my midwife. I was on bed rest the last 2 months of my second pregnancy, and although my contractions have been nothing like they were with Deacon, they are still present and abnormally strong for only being 6 months. They have been waking me up at night.

So although I greatly appreciate Dustin packing every single box thus far, it is leaving me a bit disjointed feeling. I’m not going to know how to unpack! I usually know what’s in most every box and the unpacking goes pretty quickly… Once again, I am being forced to embrace more chaos in my life!

I have been trying to figure out how many times I have moved pregnant… let’s see:

Grace Park to Bonair- November 2002, 5 months after we were married
Bonair to Longcreek – January 2003
Longcreek to Seacrest – May 2003 – Pregnant with Olivia!
Seacrest to Longcreek – August 2003 – 3 months pregnant
Longcreek to Stagecoach – December 2003 – 8 months pregnant
Stagecoach to Sam’s Pt. – March 2004 – Olivia 9 weeks old
Sam’s Pt. to Stagecoach – November 2005 – Deacon 2.5 months old Olivia 22 months
Stagecoach to Willow Pt. – August 2006, 4 months pregnant with Levi, Deacon 12 months, Olivia 2.5
Willow Pt. to Sunset – August 2009, Olivia 5, Deacon 4, Levi 2
Sunset to Pine Run – March 2011, Olivia 7, Deacon 5, Levi 4
Pine Run to Stagecoach – February/March 2012 – Olivia 8, Deacon 6, Levi 5, and Baby Boy Qualls 6 months (pregnant)
So this is the 5th time I’ve moved pregnant, even though I’ve only been pregnant 4 times! And I’ve moved twice with a newborn – not sure which one is more difficult!
And if you’re a smart one, you’ve probably noticed this is the 3rd time we are moving to Stagecoach. Believe it or not, we haven’t lived in the same place twice (on Stagecoach that is!).
I look forward to writing a post about this house we are moving into soon.
I’ll give you a hint…
…My Daddy built it. =)

3 thoughts on “Again??

  1. Oh my! I'm just catching up with your blog… are you moved already? Can I bring you a dinner some night? Moving is such a hassle, especially while pregnant. Seth packed us entirely for our last (local) move, and I understand what you mean about being grateful for a husband who will do all that work, yet the disjointed mess of unpacking unknown boxes. It will all work out fine though. 🙂 Let me know about dinner- I'm serious!!

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