A Birthday Update

Olivia’s 8th Birthday Celebration lasted over a week. And was a lot of fun for our family and I think for her too!

If you missed it due to me taking a picture, she read, “Except Mommy!”

We started out at IHOP the morning of her birthday. IHOP isn’t one of my fav’s but I must say, they know how to treat a girl right!

Afterwards she said, “That was a little embarrassing!”

Later that day we went Ice Skating, just the family. It was fun having our own day-long private party.

The following Saturday we had a special birthday party with friends with a surprise twist!

Overall, Livie turning 8 was fun for everyone.

I still can’t believe my first is so old! But I must say, I am really enjoying the maturing, growing-up side of her. It will be fun watching her through out her life as she becomes a woman. But I am glad that today she is still safely in my care, still in Polly-Pocket world and dreaming of being a circus girl or a missionary…!

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