The Big Reveal

We are doing a lot of things differently with this baby #4.
Such as previously mentioned, NOT stressing, for one. Waiting until 16 weeks to see a doctor, going to a birthing center/midwife instead of a hospital/obstetrician, starting out seeing a chiropractor instead of waiting until halfway through, thus avoiding much of the pain I usually have. Also, being able to truly relish each moment of pregnancy during this season of life. It’s almost as if this is our first time. There are so many first’s this fourth time around.
But one thing we couldn’t do differently was finding out the gender. We talked about waiting, but quickly realized there would be no way for us to be able to. We are just so excited (and impatient!). But we thought it would be fun to do a ‘big reveal’ with our families instead of just sharing the news over the phone, as we have done in the past.
We had the ultrasound Tuesday morning and had the US-tech put the results in a sealed envelope. We then handed them off to one of my besties, Rebecca, who came all the way up from Geneva, Florida to help us celebrate. We threw a big party that night and all found out together, except for Rebecca who was the first to know! =)
So even though this wasn’t a first, it was very much a first!!

Here are some pics from the night of the Big Reveal!!
Pink AND Blue balloons
GREEN punch
It was so fun talking with Cally and Jav and seeing baby Elijah.
I was so glad they were able to participate from so far away!
My girl, Rebecca. Thanks so much for ALL you did!

We had everyone take a vote by way of cupcakes.

Pink if you thought girl, blue if you thought boy.
(there were A LOT more pinks than blues chosen!)
Alissa, Rebecca’s 4 yr. old sweetie, very much like a cousin to my kids.
About to present the results!
 I hide my excitement well…
Can you tell what it is??

Maybe you can tell by the way I am consoling Olivia…

She really was trying hard

Here is a video in case it’s still unclear.

11 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Heather wanted so badly to do this, but Michael said No Way!! He said it was just a woman's way to get a man to a baby shower. ROFLOL!!
    Anyway, she will love knowing you guys did this!!
    And congratulations again!! So glad you are finding ways to make this time around more relaxing.
    Love, Dawn

  2. So Daniel Price reads my blog! Haha! Wish you guys could have been there too…

    Kelley H. – not too many spell 'Kelley' with an 'e' at the end, so kinda had you pegged! I know, my heart was a little sad for my girl. But I am so excited to be having another boy, they just steal my heart!

    Dawn – Well, tell Heather that next time it's her turn! It was so fun and you can get so creative – there are options!! I feel this baby is such a testimony of where God has brought our family. I just can't help but love every minute!

    Sarah and Inka – thank you for your excitement!! We truly are blessed =)

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