A Tribute to Fall

Before we completely move onto Christmas I wanted to pay tribute to this past Fall with some of the fun things that happened in our family… 
We were excited to find out there was a little bean inside. It was fun keeping it a secret
for at least a couple of weeks!
We welcomed fall to our house with a chocolate cake and candles, why not??
The kids had fun dressing up for the annual Down Town Bay Street Trick or Treat. 
 Elijah growing up so fast!
 One of the highlights was welcoming home the “hikers”, my brother Hunter and his wife Amy. They finished the PCT after 5 months of hiking.

I love seeing my boys and girl dirty! It means they’ve been having fun outside!
 We were thankful to make a trip to D.C. to visit some dear friends. While there we went to the ‘BIG’ Air and Space Museum. We found the plane that was on Levi’s jacket!

And this plane was on Deke’s shirt! And can you believe it, 
both of those were unplanned!!

I think Olivia’s favorite thing was going to the Antique Store and trying on all the hats.
She’s quite the model!
The kids always have fun in the kitchen creating new desserts.
It was fun seeing our baby for the first time!
Olivia sang her first solo in church last week
This is the baby at 14 weeks. Olivia is demonstrating
how big the baby is right now.
We had fun with our visiting friends from Knoxville, TN. We have missed them
since they moved this past summer.
Leave it up to Deacon and Olivia to find a stray or injured animal. This time it was a
cardinal they tried to nurse back to health… unfortunately the cat
found it the next morning! =(
The Qualls family has the wonderful tradition of letting the smallest members of the family mix up the famous cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving each year. Yes, we make them wash their hands before, but we have no control over the sneezes!
Dustin’s been doing this ever since he can remember!
He was the turkey man at our house this year too! We hosted my family for Thanksgiving for the first time. It was a lot of work, but worth it. It was so much fun having everyone over.

The finished bird! And did I mention this was our first turkey too!

We had 20 people to help us celebrate, hence the second table in the living room. Thanks to my amazingly talented husband, he just happened to have an extra (beautiful) heart-pine table lying around his shop that we were able to use!

Some of the crowd in the kitchen and some of the food – that we are still eating!
The kids table!

My favorite nephew – look at that edible chub!
Yeah, he’s got this chillin’ thing down to a science!
I thought it would be fun to end with the E man giving us a dance!
A lot has happened this Fall. Many ups and downs for sure. But family, especially children help keep things constant and fun and definitely interesting.
I am so grateful for that and the amazing work God continues to do in our lives and hearts.

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