A Camping Trip

We had been planning a camping trip for quite a while.

When it gets a little cooler we’ll go…

But before it had a chance to get cooler, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that number 4 would be joining the clan. The camping trip was snug in the back of my mind, there would be plenty of time to start feeling better.

I guess I didn’t realize how long 10 weeks would be! I still had no relief and I just couldn’t imagine living out doors for 4 days.

I’m just going to have to miss out. I’ll stay home and be sick and send my family off  to have a fun time without me…

I told Dustin that I didn’t think I would be able to swing it. But that thought made me sad. I wanted to go, be with my family, watch my boys and girl explore and be dirty and love every minute of it.

A few days before we were to leave I was still unsure, but then I felt myself feeling a little better.

I’d chance it. I could always come home somehow if it was unbearable.

But it wasn’t. In fact, it was glorious and I hadn’t felt that well in months!

I didn’t join in any arduous activities, but I did enjoying catching snapshots of some of my favorite people… and some of the fun things they did.

We had a wonderful time. Dustin’s parents were able to join us, or did we join them? Regardless, we were together and had a lot of fun cooking out doors, fishing, sitting around the camp fire and roasting two bags worth of marshmellows! We can’t wait for our next camping trip!

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