Our Baby

It was an exciting day yesterday! We got the chance to see our baby for the first time.

Yes, OUR baby, because I don’t think this baby will ever be ‘just’ mine!

I was blown away at how much the baby looks like a baby already, and how much it is already ‘acting’ like one. We caught him/her sucking it’s thumb!! Several times we saw the baby take it out and put it back in. A first for me! It was so amazing.

It never gets old either. It was like the first time all over again. Seeing that baby jump around, not even feeling it yet, but an instant connection. My heart grew yet again and the tears flowed.

Dustin and the kids were able to be there and see it all too. What a blessing. On the way home I said out loud, “Wow! 4 babies!! I just can’t believe it!” My ever practical Olivia replied back to me, “Well, believe it! I sure do!!” She cracks me up.

Deacon thought the baby kinda looked like a lizard. Another voice reminded him that he looked like that at one time too. Levi was quiet, taking it all in. I’m not sure he really understood that the baby on the screen was the same one in mommy’s “getting fatter” tummy. Yesterday he informed me that my tummy was almost as big as his!! Who comes up with this stuff??
You might not have noticed, but at the top of each picture in print reads, Beaufort Women’s Center. They were so gracious to let us come in, just for the fun of it to see our baby. What a gift. I am so thankful I got to see this little one. Thankful for the peace of mind I am now resting in and just the down right fun of it!
The baby measured at 14 weeks.. My due date keeps getting earlier and earlier. It could be a late April baby after all!
Who knows, but it’s enough that God does…

2 thoughts on “Our Baby

  1. Mika'l, I am so excited for you …Jeremy and I had a talk a few days ago, if we could ever imagine having a 4th baby…right now we can't, but who knows! You are so right: it is enough that God knows! =)
    Sending you my love and a big hug,

  2. thanks friend. it's ok to feel that way. it took us 4 years to feel ready again and still we weren't sure. but God has a way of making things happen..! love you and miss you!

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