Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

Ok, I feel I have to explain, I’m NOT a Justin Beiber fan! But I have to admit, the lyrics to this silly song have been playing in my mind as of late, well at least the four words that I know.

Maybe the video below will explain even better… just excuse their initial crudeness!

Yep, baby #4 is on it’s way! (in case the video wouldn’t work)
Unfortunately as hard as I try, I’ve never been able to ‘hide it’ for very long. Being sick kinda makes it obvious. And this time around I had 3 very worried children asking questions about Mommy that, well, would make you worry too. So we quickly set the record straight for their peace of mind and since then, the word has not only ‘gotten out’ but been proclaimed quite excitedly. =) It has been fun watching their excitement.
And yes, I have been quite sick again. But am very thankful for some new medication that is at least keeping me ‘moving’ and not throwing up. The kids and the Man have been wonderful. I am trying to keep a good attitude through this yucky time and to keep in mind, this is a very short season and will be over before I know it! (at least that is what I keep chanting to myself) And that so many people are ‘suffering’ for very sad reasons and this is a very, very happy one.
We can’t wait to find out who this special person will be. The kids are already talking to the baby so he/she will know who it’s loved by. Names are already being suggested and votes on boy/girl have actually been peaceful discussions rather than knock-down-drag-out-fights… so thankful for that! I keep reminding them that it’s not really something we get to chose, so we are just going to be so happy no matter what! And we are.
Just thought I’d share it with my blog family too.
Watch out, people, another Qualls is in the making!!

13 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

  1. Yahoo!!! We are so happy for you, Dustin and Mikal and family as you anticipate this little miracle! He or she will be a blessing. What a great support system you have there in your man and children.
    Sarah and family

  2. Mika'l, that is the greatest news! Congratulations on this exciting time for your family. Oh, how wonderful it will be to have four little ones! Happy, happy you- and so blessed. I wish we were there to care for you in your yucky-feeling days. I will pray they are behind you soon.
    xoxo lots of love :l & family

  3. i just saw this!! however, i'm in the library so i must “shhhh!”, will have to watch the video later. i am SO happy for you and the fam. love ya tons…and can't wait to welcome another neice/nephew into open and loving arms from their aunty!!

  4. i still can't get this videos to work for me, i hit “play” and it says the video is private. i need to come over and we need to figure out the problem! we ALL want to watch this!


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