Call me Old Fashioned

I have been called many things throughout my life.
I remember the first time I figured out I had a strange name. I was in the first grade and one of my classmates called me “Mi-Cow”. I looked behind me thinking he saw an actual cow, but then I realized, no, he was talking to me… Since then it has been amusing listening to people butcher my name.
“Mi-Kale” is the most common around here. I have actually had people ask me if I was named after Mikhail Gorbachev. (really?)
I am also known as Mickel (as in nickel), Mik-la, Mikayla, Michael (yes, we actually get mail addressed to Mr. Mika’l Qualls haha), Michelle, Mica, Mi-kall, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.
I am also called many names by my close friends and family. Including many from the list above, there is also, Sister, Sis, Kel, Auntie Kel and now Tia that I answer to!
But I think my brother hit it on the head when I was about 13. That’s when he started calling me “Quaker-Girl”. I have always been what you call an ‘old soul’. I think I was actually born a century too late. I LOVE old fashioned everything! Clothing, hair styles, shoes, horse drawn carriages, linens, doilies, jewelry, lamps, barns, farms… and especially old timey decor.
I am finally embracing this obsession of mine. It used to be embarrassing for me to admit, but I’m now shouting it from the cyber-space roof tops! I am old fashioned!!!
I am especially drawn to everything wicker. I just can’t help myself! I see it, I want it, I have to have it! It can be any size or color. And no matter where we are, that’s the first thing my eye sees. I realized this today after coming home with THREE more pieces of wicker furniture. It beckoned me from the outside of a thrift store as I drove by. But it did not beckon long… soon all 3 pieces were jammed in my van along with my 3 squirming kids.
When I got home I began to notice all the wicker around me and thought it would be fun to share this obsession of mine with you!
There is wicker for every room in this house…
starting with the front porch
wicker for empty spaces
wicker for Uno
wicker for magazines
wicker for flash cards
wicker for paint brushes
wicker for crayons
wicker for paper, wicker for cd’s
wicker for school supplies
wicker for storage
wicker for mail
wicker for stationary
wicker for books
wicker for laundry

wicker for more laundry

wicker for coffee and tea

I even have wicker look-a-likes!
wicker squares
wicker hearts
wicker for towels
wicker for clothes pins (great cookbook by-the-way!)
wicker for reflections
wicker for faces
wicker on top of wicker
wicker for socks and such
wicker for make-up
ok, this isn’t wicker, but it’s just so stinkin’ cute!
wicker for toilet paper
wicker for light
wicker to set wicker on
wicker to sit on
wicker for more people to sit on

wicker for bedsides (and more light)
wicker for toys
wicker for stuffed animals

wicker for bags
wicker for closets, wicker for blankets
wicker for babies

wicker for little bottoms

wicker for bigger bottoms
wicker for wash cloths
…and does there always have to be a reason?
wicker for remotes and other necessary items

and wicker for plants

And believe it or not, I have spared you many of the pictures that could have been included! It’s sad, I know. But I don’t think it will ever die. It has been a life-long obsession that is only increasing with age… and the more space I have!
Hmm… I wonder if there will be wicker in my heavenly mansion….? Well, at least on the front porch!!

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