More Faces of Summer

This is another post dedicated to my brother and s-i-l who are hiking the PCT. To follow their steps check out their blog, the dirt life (to the left).
The summer has continued with more exciting moment and adventures…

Just a week after the little one was born, Elijah was able to welcome his other grandmother, all the way from Honduras!
Waiting to pick up Abuela! He was thrilled…

Catching first sight of her!

Olivia and I took a trip to visit Rebecca in their new Florida home. Mr. Tim helped Liv with her bedtime addiction and found a way for her to listen to Odyssey.

She even got some driving lessons on their old country roads!

We went to the Springs close to where they live. The water stays the same tempature year round, a chilly 70 degrees. And yes, the water was really green, algae and all. The only reason I was swimming in the frigid waters was because I couldn’t let my 7 yr. old daughter call me a chicken and be right about it!

As soon as we got home, we needed an E fix!

I couldn’t leave the kitties out. I know you have been worried sick about them. But rest assured they are still alive and actually thriving amongst the chaos… here they lay peacefully, perfectly in-sync! ha!

Shanda came for another visit! She brought with her a fun and yummy cookbook and we had to try out one of the new recipes… orange danishes! Just thought I’d make you a little jealous!
We also tried out Taco Boy in Charleston!
And the famous Charleston Fountains
Always thoughtful…
Levi kept licking the water as it dripped from his nose =)
We also started school this past week! It’s been fun, exhausting, overwhelming and rewarding. We are looking forward to another great year!
Notice the back-to-school p.j.’s and fuzzy heads! Gotta love homeschooling!
Oh yeah, and Levi decided it would be fun to try out his new scissors on his hair!
Jaq-Jaq is still kicking! And Levi took a picture of his mad puzzle skills.


We had a fun birthday party for Mom, the whole gang was there including Jacob and Kali!
We put 51 candles on her cake too! It was fun but we missed your (Hunt) harmony singing Happy Birthday…
She had plenty of help blowing them out!
Faces of Mom
This was our first science experiement this year. She got so excited and started doing her little giggle =)
Again, we love you and miss you! Can’t wait to hear from you next! And I will try to keep the pictures coming!
Much love,

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