Faces of Summer…

It’s been a while since I have sat down to the computer and let my thoughts flow. After a couple of weeks I can start to feel it. I miss it. The thoughts, these ponderings of mine, build up and I need release.

But today is not for me. It’s for my brother and my s-i-l Amy. They are actually at this very moment hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. (You can find their blog, the dirt life, to the left of the screen.)

The last time I spoke with them they asked me what we had been doing this summer. And you know how it is… you know you’ve been busy doing SOMETHING but you just can’t think of the words to describe it.

Life is what it is. Just the daily-ness of life with three kids.

Amy also mentioned her surprise at how I hadn’t posted any pictures on facebook for them. Last time they hiked (the Appalachian Trail) I had a whole album or two dedicated just for them. So they could check in and see how things were going back here at the homestead.

Well, finally facebook has lost it’s exciting appeal. And except for posting pics of our newest family member, I haven’t posted anything except here.

So I apologize to the rest of you, but this is for Hunt and Ames!

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

T-ball this summer was a blast! The boys loved it and surprisingly so did we! We were sad to see it end and look forward to next year.

A very pregnant Lou even came to the last game!
We got a year’s pass to the Beach this summer. We’ve finally reached the point where it’s easy(er) to go and we have loved spending time there. Although the past few weeks have been so brutally hot, we haven’t braved the heat.
catching “fish”

We have worked in the kitchen here and there too. Deacon always loves to help and wanted to make his own special apple pie all by himself. We used left over dough from pie crusts and he had a blast!

Mom, Dad, Cally, Me and the kids went out to the ‘Produce Stand’ for lunch and they gave us this amazing chocolate banana pudding pie. We devoured it in seconds. I loved it so much that I had to make it for myself. I tried this and that and voila! It was just as yummy as theirs! Yes, I was quite proud…

Notice the layer of chocolate wafers and banana underneath the pudding!
Sorry, I just realized that I may be torturing you, but what are sisters for anyway!

I also have been sending in the occasional loaf of strawberry bread and or apple bread to Kooky’s. There has been a nice reception too. A couple of these very loaves were actually sent to you, but unfortunately didn’t make it to you in time and were sent back to us nice and green. =(

Our garden did well for a couple of months, but then the sun scorched everything around here. Not even the tomatoes are growing anymore. The heat has been just awful.

Liv’s reading has taken off this summer. I had a feeling it would. She’s able to grab a book and read on her own, or at least follow me around the house as she reads…

The boys are really into legos now, always building something new. I think these are their Star Wars ships… or something.
Deacon cracks me up! He went on a week long stint of being a Harley rider. Black leather and everything. I actually had to make him take off the jacket at one point b/c I was afraid he was going to have a heat stroke – literally!
And you can always count on a couple of cats hangin’ around.
“But what can I dooo??” asked Deke. “Go build a race track!” suggested Mom. “Ok!!” he exclaims as he runs towards the blocks. Daddy had to join in the fun later on that night.
Olivia went to drama camp at ArtWorks. She loved it! At the end of the week they performed Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. She was the mother and a highway robber – interesting combination!
Here she is as the highway robber, the pink noodle is her horse.

back to being the mother

It was so cute and she did great!
The kids attended vbs and the last day they got to dress up like cowboys/girls. The boys weren’t interested (only at home will they dress up) but Livie was determined to win first place! She didn’t, but we still had fun and I thought for sure she could have put Calamity Jane to shame!
This was Deke’s ‘at-home’ version. I don’t think they would have let him in
anyways with all those weapons!

Levi is starting to take after his Uncle Brandon…
The cowboy theme really stuck with Deke. He stood out front with his tigers for about an hour, stock-still, guarding our front door.
I almost ate him.
Notice the medal taped to his shirt. And if you look closely you will see one on each of the tigers as well.
Liv and I had a fun ‘girls day’ down town. You know her and always wanting to have a girls day. We will definitely have to plan a girls day when ya’ll come back! Notice her front teeth are finally starting to come in.

Olivia and Levi have fun singing the songs they write themselves. I have fun watching.

Ok, most of you wont get this. It’s a family thing.
Hunter, it was a sad day in our house a couple weeks ago. I finally said good-bye to ‘the’ pillow. You know, the goat-turd pillow as Hannah Clark affectionately referred to it as. Dad was even able to have a moment with it before we let it go. It was hard to do, but I knew it was time. So long old friend!

Another sad day was the day Abby and her family moved. It has been hard on all of us, but especially Deke. Abby has been his very best friend literally since birth. The week before they moved we had a special day with Abby, just the two of them!
First Chic-fil-A. Then the Lollipop Shop.
Then we had to stop and find a shady spot so we could eat all that candy we just got.
Here you can see the sugar starting to take effect.
Erin came for a visit and that was a lot of fun. It had been two years since our last visit. She brought her newest, Leanna.

Rebecca and Alissa came down as well so we could all spend a few days together. It was like the good ol’ days plus 5 kids (and believe it or not, we were missing 2!)

Then our summer took an unexpected turn, well at least by 3 weeks. This you know and witnessed, but I couldn’t help but sneak in some sweet pics of our new favorite!

Elijah’s first trip to Kooky Mooky’s

 Helping with his first bath!
There are lots more for next time you come into a town… love you guys and we are praying for you!
To be continued…

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