A New Name

There have been some new names floating around here lately. Lately, as in, since last Saturday…

The first new name is Elijah Xavier Garcia-Serrano. He was born on Saturday, July 2nd and weighed in at 5lbs. 15oz. and was 19in’s long. Quite the handsome boy, if you ask me.

The next new name? Well that would be…
Mommy… one of the most precious in the whole world, especially when it’s your first time being called that sweet name. This is my sister, Cally. And she was amazing!

Daddy or Poppy. Depending on who you ask. Another of those ‘sweetest names’. This is Cally’s husband Javier and a very proud papa!

Baba and Dadada. Although these names have been around for 7 years, they now have someone new to call them by these names.

Aunt and Uncle. These two theoretically are used to these names, but maybe now they might actually be referred to as ‘Aunt and Uncle’ since my kids have never been able to get the names out very well…


Cousins. They have been the lone rangers for a while now and are glad to have a cousin to love and play with – well at least hold for now.

Uncle. Never before has he been called this name. But I think he’s going to like it.

Tia. I have to say, I was completely caught off guard by this name. I have aunts, my children have aunts, but I have never been one myself. And there is just something about experiencing something for yourself. I was not prepared for the feeling of awe and wonder. So close to your own, but different. As he was slowly coming into this world, the tears coursed down my cheeks. I had watched my own be born, but never another. And although I was not the one bearing down and pushing, I was participating in the miracle. This was my sister, this was her baby and this was my nephew I was watching join us in this life. I heard his first cries, through my own. I gazed at his wet skin, red lips and black hair and I felt reborn. My heart grew to yet another size and I felt a love drive deep into my soul. I am now an aunt.

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