An Anniversary Post (4)

In lieu of our 9th anniversary: A celebratory post, to remember, to give thanks for, to reflect and of course post pictures!
Today marks the 9th year anniversary of stress like no other: The day BEFORE the wedding! Running last minute errands, packing for the honeymoon, picking up wedding dress, attending the bridal brunch, remembering to breathe, making sure the right people had the right rings, wrapping gifts, getting nails done, greeting family and guests, remembering to eat, trying to make the rehearsal on time, not making the rehearsal on time, wishing it wasn’t so hot, spending last precious moments with family, being nervous, finding something borrowed something blue, focusing on the fact that I will be married at the end of the next day no matter what may go wrong…
Here are some snap shots from that hectic day!
At the Bridal Brunch: My bridesmaids – Rebecca, Ashley, Michelle, Shanda, Tricia, Cally (sister) and Erin 

My Aunt Kim “Sissy” helping the flower girls Danielle, Taylor and Addy
Dustin’s Grandparents hosted a beautiful rehearsal dinner at their home – the spread!

With Dustin’s Memaw

In the gazebo, Papa giving me last minute advice, my bum arm I had surgery on two weeks after we were married.

My mother and I
Me and my almost-husband!
On the patio over looking the Whale Branch River, Dustin and my brother Hunter thought something was funny… apparently nobody else did!

It was time to pass out the gifts. Us with the best man and dear friend Gary.

This is how much Dustin loves Gary

Me and my Maid of Honor Erin

Ashley, Dustin’s sister, had a very special gift for us, her painting of us the night we got engaged.

It is still very special

The flower girl gifts

The Bachelor Pary. Gary had a foot washing ceremony for Dustin… not sure what happened after that!

This is what I wrote in my journal that day:
“The day before tomorrow. THE tomorrow. The tomorrow I marry Dustin. I am surprised at how nervous I have been! I am trying to be more excited than nervous… I figured I would be calm, I figured wrong. Father be with me today, fill me Holy Spirit. Give me your calm, your peace, your patience, your love…”
And this is what I wrote in the journal I had been keeping for Dustin that was part of his wedding gift. The journal that held a years worth of my thoughts and prayers for the man I would marry.
“The night before we marry. I feel like the little girl on ‘Father of the Bride’. The little girl in her father’s memory, that little girl telling him that she was getting “Maaarrieeeed!” She was so little, so young. I feel as such. So young, a little scared. Ok, very scared, but extremely hopeful of what the future holds for us. I am nervous too. About walking down the isle, balling my eyes out, seeing you standing there waiting for me, my beloved. After that I know I will be fine… the moment I can look into your eyes. This, the moment we have waited for for so very long. But it has been worth it, all of the trouble and struggle and heart ache. I love you Dustin. I love you with a heart that is purely yours. I pray we learn to love each other more and more as Christ loves us. I know we will fail many times. But as Daddy encouraged me tonight, we must never stop, never give up, never quit.And let endurance have it’s perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” This is what God is showing me life is all about. Persevering. Enduring. Marriage will require both. Yes, I am scared. But I trust God. And I know that He has chosen you for me. I am excited to be your wife and your helper. I love you with all of my heart.
Your almost-wife (in 17 hours), Mika’l
Hmm… almost prophetic.

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