A Conversation with a Five yr. old

Mom! Can you go faster!?” asked Deacon. “Why are you stopped?”

I am stopped because the car in front of me is stopped.”

Can’t you just GO!?”

Not unless you want me to hit the car in front of me.”

But I want to get home!” exclaimed the five yr. old.

We are going home, Deacon.”

But I want to get home NOW!”

I know you do. But if I go we would get hurt. Do you want to get hurt?”

No, but I just want to be home right now. Why do we have to drive?”

Because this is how we get home.”

Finally traffice began to move and we were going a little faster.

We are almost home, Deacon.”

Why can’t you just go faaassteeerrr!!”

If I go faster we could die. Do you want to die?”

No, but I want you to go ffaaasssteeerr?”

Either we go the speed limit and live or go faster and die. Which do you want?”

I just want to be home. Now.”


When we FiNALLY got home I began to ponder the conversation (if that’s what it was) I had in the car with Deacon.

I am such a child in so many ways. I bug my Father in the very same way.

But I want it NOW! Why can’t I have what I think I need? Why are we moving at this slow pace? Can’t you see that I’m waiting? Are we there yet?”

And really what I don’t realize is that if we did move faster, it could be dangerous. Not the way God wanted it. I’d miss something really important along the way. Something totally worth waiting for.
Maybe I should start looking out the window…

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