This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise.

For once it wasn’t screaming or some kind of pounding noise or the need to referee. It was my three children quietly knocking on the door, then poking their heads in and asking if they could come in. I of course said yes, wondering who these nice little children were!

And to my great surprise, they carried in a tray with tea and toast! There was even a little ‘table’ cloth and a homemade butterfly adorning the tray and a towel “in case you spill your tea”.

I was completely and very pleasantly shocked by this sweet gesture. They wanted to bless me and they did.

But the best part I think was the conversation that followed. Olivia asked if I wanted to be alone but I said that I would rather they stay (and watch me eat!). We talked and laughed and cuddled and shared funny stories.

I mostly listened to them take turns talking about silly little things. I love listening to my kids. They are so funny and smart and have real thoughts!! I love it when they let me inside their little hearts, there is so much to see and know and learn.

The toast might have been dry and the tea lukewarm, but I would gladly choose that over a gourmet meal prepared by a fine chef any day.

Later in the morning I received another surprise…

God sometimes has very humorous ways of keeping us humble. And also is so faithful to provide a way of escape from the temptations we face. So to avoid the temptation of boasting in my children or possibly in my mothering, God was so kind to allow my children to…

lock me out of the house

on purpose

in the rain

How quickly I was reminded that the only thing worth boasting in, is our Lord. Everything else… well… is just so dang fickle!!

So thankful for the fun surprises that come our way. Sometimes we have to search for them and find the hidden treasures. But sometimes they are delivered to you in the form of dry toast and cold tea by 3 small children who aren’t ashamed to show you their sweet love.

7 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. Grace – yes! quite a laugh!! they were laughing too as i glared at them through the window!!

    j – miss you both too. can't wait to see you easter weekend!! whoot whoot!

  2. What a wonderful reflection of the relationship you and your children have with each other. What great memories you are creating. Someday, grown, Olivia, Deacon and Levi will be sharing, “Remember the day we made breakfast for Mom?…and then locked her out of the house?…and she loved it!”

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