Saturday was a fun day in our house.

Levi turned 4 and I turned 29!!
Can you believe I had my son on my birthday?? I surely couldn’t. He was 8 days ‘early’ and a wonderful birthday surprise!!
I went into labor during my birthday celebration dinner with the Qualls family. By the time dinner was served my contractions were to the point that I couldn’t really enjoy the chicken lasagna that Denise had prepared.
I waited a long time to go to the hospital because two weeks before I had gone into false labor. This being my third child, I knew for sure I was in real labor! I went to the hospital only to be sent home. I was so embarrassed! I was afraid of that happening again, so I waited just to be sure.
But it was the right decision to go. He was born that night, on my birthday. What made it even more special, was that he was delivered by the same doctor who had delivered me 25 years ago to the day! Pretty neat, huh?? It was very, very special.

I would come to see just how special in the months that followed. For more on that go to the ‘My Story’ page.

It has been fun celebrating together each year since. He is such a blessing to our family and to me each day. Sometimes I find myself just watching him. And then my cheeks start to hurt and I realize that it’s from smiling so much. I really could eat him with a spoon. He is just that sweet! This year we decided to go bowling. It’s one of our family’s favorite things to do. Levi had been talking about it for months! He was so excited.

Afterward, my sweet mother-in-law offered to take the kids for the evening so Dustin and I could have some time alone on my birthday. We went to one of my favorite restaurants where we ate some awesome food and where I got some awesome pictures! Not just of me and my man, but of the beautiful scenery as well. I love this town I live in!!
It’s a horrible fault of mine that I do not speak enough about Dustin. I wish I were a bit more of a romantic. For some reason, it’s just hard. But I want to try harder, so here it goes…

I love my husband. I love that he works hard providing for our family. I love that he works with his hands and that’s why they are so calloused. I love that he smells like sawdust every day of his life. I love that he tries to make our marriage better. That he tries to make me ‘happy’. I love that he has never given up on us. I love that he loves our kids and plays with them. I love that he tries with Olivia even when he doesn’t understand her girlish, seven-year-old ways. I love that he makes me laugh. I love that he gets me and I get him. I love that he loves God. I love that he supports me in ministry. And I love that our marriage isn’t perfect, but that God is perfecting us through our marriage.

I took these pictures while we were waiting to be seated. I was just drinking in the view! What a gift! It’s moments like these (and when I’m staring at my kids and my man…) that I thank God He gave me sight.

It was a glorious birthday with friends and family, beautiful views, wonderful conversations, and pondering the many, many gifts God has given me. I am so blessed.
I loved the pelicans!

5 thoughts on “Birthday(s)

  1. Thanks for sharing, Kel! It makes me laugh to think back to the days when you and Dustin were dating and I couldn't stand you! I tell people all the time that Dustin is one of the smartest people I know and of all the annoyingly smart things he's done, marrying you was by far the smartest…

    Happy late Birthday!


  2. you have no idea how excited i was just now to see levi wearing his little jersey when he went bowling!! i'm glowing!

    happy bday again gal, i'm so glad you are such a part of my life! i love you like mad.

  3. mikal! what a beautiful post! i am touched by so much: i hadn't heard Levi's birth story yet… how special to share this day with him and even to have been delivered by the same doctor! and i LOVED you sharing about your man. that brought tears to my eyes. happy birthday, my friend. so good to keep up with you through this blog!
    ps- thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting the lowcountry pictures for my colorado eyes. my mountainy, snowy eyes just FEAST on the peaceful tranquil waters, boats, and weather there! what a treat to “go home” for a moment!

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