A Valentine


Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday.

I’m not sure why that is. But I’ve always… *eh hem* … hated the ‘love’ holiday. I love the story behind it. There really was a man named Valentine. He stood and fought for marriage to be legal among soldiers who fought for Rome. (for a brief history go here) But nobody talks about the real meaning of the holiday anymore. They just put a lot of pressure on poor husbands and boyfriends all over the country. And then there are always the unrealistic expectations left for the women.
Maybe I’ve become cynical. Maybe I’m just unromantic. Or maybe somewhere deep down I’ve been hurt. Maybe my cynicism reflects my insecurity. But why would I want to think about that on today of all days? Well, I guess it is the day after…
My mom always made a big deal on Valentine’s when we were kids. There were thoughtful gifts, a trail of construction paper hearts, heart-shaped pancakes… She still does. This v-day she made me some brownies and to-die-for raspberry squares of some kind which are scrumptious with a cup of hot tea! I have always appreciated that.
When I became a mother I assumed I would catch the creative Valentine gene and cute heart-shape things would just burst out of me like confetti!
Once again, wrong.
It’s something I have to ‘work’ at. But it’s something I mostly fail at. Seriously, one of the first things I thought after we decided to homeschool was Yes! I wont have to buy 50 of those stupid little valentine’s!
This Valentine’s was actually sweet. Dustin announced on Saturday that he would take the boys v-day shopping. I was a little surprised. He knows he can get away with the bare minimum with this girl. Plus we have all been sick, so neither of us really had the energy. I soon caught the Valentine bug (which was so much more pleasant than the other one we’ve been fighting) and Livie and I went and did some of our own Valentine shopping which ended up being a lot of fun. We even got extra to make for some friends! Man, I must have been sick!
Deacon was curious about what it all meant, and I overheard Dustin explaining it to him.
“Well, you go Valentine’s shopping for the special ladies in your life. And buy something like candy or flowers. Who are the special ladies in your life?”
I was sitting quietly waiting for his answer. Expecting him to immediately say Mom or Livie.
Instead he very shyly said, whispered in fact, “Abby and Ba-Ba”.  (Ba-Ba is what my kids call my mom) (Abby is a friend he has known since they were babies)
I really wasn’t surprised. These ladies are really important to him and when he loves, he loves deeply. There are other important ladies in his life as well. I know that I am one of them, so I was ok with his answer. It was actually really sweet and very appropriate. I knew that Ba-ba would make things special for him on v-day. It only made sense for him to have something special for her in return. 
They did exchange valentine’s and so did him and Abby. He took very seriously his job of finding the perfect Valentine gift for Abby. Instead of the usual chocolates or candy he opted for something ‘meatier’. A cake! I thought it was so cute! Such young, sweet love!
The pictures are of their valentine exchange. The smiles say it all!
So do I still hate Valentine’s? Yes. But I really enjoyed this one. Kids can make things really special, without even trying.

6 thoughts on “A Valentine

  1. oh how fun! I feel the same way about V-day – a dumb “Hallmark holiday” that just puts pressure on men to spend money. 🙂 But good for you to make it a fun day for your kids. I should have! But I didn't even make heart shaped cookies or cut out construction paper hearts. Next year, I'll do better. 🙂

  2. I love it!!! I could eat that Deacon right up! Abby had a very special time yesterday and was so excited about her cake. She was finally convinced to share some of it last night. Although, this morning I had to go retrieve it from her bedroom. She announced “but it's MY cake!” It was her best Valentines ever and she loves that boy! I don't want them to grow up!

  3. I know Mom, I'm a good liar… well not really, but you know…

    I'm glad Abby had just as much fun as Deacon. I had so much fun watching the two of them exchange gifts!! Abby was impressed that Deke could write her name, but then said, “You should have wrote 'Happy Valentine's Day'.” OMG! I was laughing so hard!!

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