I am minutes from seeing my family. They will be here to get me very soon. We had to fly into Charlotte and a friend picked us up and brought us to Columbia which is where we spent the night. I am enjoying the last seconds of quiet because I know as soon as I open that door it will resemble nothing of quiet or any kind of order! But I can’t wait. It’s been too quiet for too long!

I have been praying that God would lead us through this adjustment period. It is hard coming back from anywhere and getting back into the ‘swing of things’. Especially after a trip like this.
Last time we came back from Ukraine, it was just hard being back in America. Hard being ok with being an American, maybe some of you can relate. You almost feel guilty. I don’t think I will have those same feelings this time, but I’m afraid of the feelings I will have.
I don’t know what they will be. I don’t know what emotions I will have. Or what frustrations I will come against. But it is enough that God knows about them.
Pray against attack for each of us. Michelle and Yura as they return back to school and work. And for me, my children and Dustin. Satan doesn’t want us to continue to walk in victory or in the joy that God has given us. He wants to steal it away and make us think that it never happened, and never will again.
Pray that as I start homeschooling again this week I will have renewed patience and diligence. Right now I am very overwhelmed by that thought!
Pray that as I adjust back to Beaufort time I wont be a grouch.
Pray that God gives us good conversation and opportunities to see His power and grace in our lives.
Thank you.

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