Day 3 of Study

We just ended our 3rd day. Has it really only been 3 days?? We keep referring to past conversations that happened ‘yesterday’ but then we realize that they happened today, or maybe just an hour ago! Things are really starting to run together and it feels like we have been here in this house for weeks.
I have never in my life experienced anything like this. Never have I seen women bond this quickly before. It really feels like we have known each other forever. I know it is because we are having to be vulnerable and gut-wrenchingly honest with one another. It is so amazing listening to Laura and Michelle stories of redemption and my own as well and how God is using our struggles and sin to somehow encourage these women through their journey. It is humbling and so encouraging at the same time. I love that God has been able to take my mess, my trash and turn it into something beautiful, not only that He will be able to receive the glory, but also that others will be comforted in the process. We serve an awesome and mysterious God.
We have seen huge leaps made today. Today was definitely the turning point for the two that were here. Unfortunately the other lady had to go back to work today. She might be able to come and finish with us tomorrow, but we wont know until then.  Pray that she is able to.
My stomach is a lot better. Michelle was able to sleep, so today we felt good. We were thankful. I can’t believe that we are almost done. Just two lessons to go! It has been amazing.
Yura has been meeting with pastors this week. I don’t have an update from him yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.
We have a training session with some women who are in women’s ministry tomorrow after the Bible Study ends. We are a little nervous about it since we have never done it before. We are feeling very drained. But are encouraged. Pray that God renews our strength and that we are able to finish well.
We are seeing a pinhole size ray of light shining through the darkness. I can’t wait to share more, but now I am very tired and must get sleep for tomorrow.
Much love – MQ

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