A Dream

When I was 10 I had a dream.
I knew it was significant so I wrote every detail of it down. But I did not fully understanding the meaning until now.
I was babysitting a little boy. He wanted to play outside, but we were not allowed outside. Our house was surrounded by water and it was dangerous. There was another world under the water and we had been warned not to go there.
But I didn’t listen. I went anyway.
When I got there I was afraid and so was the little boy. All around us were people, angry people with sad faces. They were fighting one another and wanted to hurt us. I then looked all around me and what I saw frightened me all the more, but then I understood why the people where acting the way they were. They were surrounded by a grave yard. But instead of the dead being hidden under the ground, they were standing up out of the ground secured by a sword-like cross. Hundreds of thousands, millions even of small dead bodies standing up out of the ground. The people were surrounded by death. Living in a secret , hidden away place, where they themselves were dying.
We quickly ran away. I went back home and did not tell anyone where we had gone. But the next day I went back. And I asked Jesus to come along. He came and I introduced Him to all of the people there. I don’t remember what happened to the dead little bodies, but we could not see them anymore. Instead, there were flowers, even floating around us in the air. We sat on a swing with Jesus under a gazebo and relished in His presence. All but one became friends with Christ. The one that did not tried to kill us. But Jesus touch even him and he turned from his evil ways and became Jesus’ friend too.
That is how my dream ended. Why would I dream such a thing at the age of 10? Why would I remember it now? I think I understand. He was calling me even then. Why? I do not know. Only I am so glad He did.
We are removing the grave clothes they have been walking in for so long. Why God would choose fallen sinful people to do this, I will never comprehend. But what an honor and privilege. He is breathing new life into these dear women. And we get to sit and watch it happen, literally before our eyes.  I wish you could be here with me to experience these miracles.

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