Ukraine Pictures

First morning. Zhanna brought me breakfast, which I later realized was only the prelude to breakfast.
My host family, well some of them. Victor and Zhanna, little Snezhanna and Elona.

Making special Ukrainian cake for New Year’s Celebration.

Smachno! Delicious!

Down in Victor’s workshop. Julia was home for this shot! He makes cabinets and furniture too!

Our dear, dear friends, Misha and Natasha and their children. Maria, Snezhanna, Darina, Liza and Lev, is hiding.

Making ‘apple pie’ ukrainian style

Finished product. Natasa could only be up out of bed for very short times because of her back.

Our New Year’s feast, which the kids dressed up for. We ate about 10 o’clock!

Snovom Godom!!

After I left the Ivanstov’s we went to Lyuda and Slavic’s then to the Pachapskia’s. We stopped downtown on our way to see the decorations.

frozen roads

Some of my fav’s – the red one is salted fish with some kind of beat mixture… mmm!

Maxamovicha – the Big church

Slavic and Lyuda, always laughing! This is Yura’s sister.

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