Day 1 of Study

We are here in the house. We have 3 women with us, possibly four tomorrow. What a day it has been! But we are here and we have been through orientation. They have shared for the first time in a group setting, we have gotten over the hump. We are about to have another discussion group covering the first lesson. I feel such a sense of satisfaction, a calm, almost warm. Ironic really, because it is below freezing!!  I know that the Lord is among us. I want to look around the room or over my shoulder because I feel Him. Like a warm blanket in a very cold place.
I did not mention to you before, but we do have a translator after all. Not Natasha my friend who I so desired so much to be here, but another friend. Her name is Yulya. It’s a very neat story. She was in my English class when I was here last. She was not a believer then. But through that class she made a connection with Michelle, who stayed for two months after we left. They did Bible Study together and she accepted Christ as her Savior. She is now participating in this very special ministry and is my mouth piece! How neat of the Lord to cross our paths again, this time as sisters.
The second discussion went great. What a blessing to be among these women. How honored I feel. Not only the participants, but also Michelle, Laura and Yulya. Where I leave off, they pick up and visa versa. That is how the body of Christ should work.
We desperately need your prayers. And although I cannot share details with you, God knows them all. We are praying here and we ask that you join us. God is doing an amazing work. Far more than we will ever comprehend here and now. I walk with fear and trembling, literally, I am shaking in His presence.
Please lift Yura up as well as he has many meeting scheduled this week with many different pastors from all denominations. He is walking with fear and trembling as well. It is hard coming back to your home town, especially with suggestions for pastors. There is a high possibility that he will not be well received. Pray for confidence in his calling, that his eyes will stay fixed on God and not on the ‘waves’ that threaten to overwhelm him.
I must sleep. Good night all. Oh, how I miss you!

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