And We’re OFF!!

The time has come for us to depart.
After months and months and hours and hours of training, preparing, praying, etc… it is now time for us to go to Ukraine to do what we have dreamed of doing for so long. Now that it is here, it doesn’t seem real. Is this really happening? It has been just an idea, only a conversation, a prayer for so long. But now the time has come for us to act.
The past few days have been really wonderful spending time with family, with my children and husband. Christmas was ‘low key’ and very enjoyable. I have felt focused, relaxed, trusting. But today was hard. Knowing that I was going to have to say good-bye to my three little ones at the end of the day was extremely difficult for me. I wanted to be strong, to not cry in front of them, to be excited so they would be excited. God went before us as He always does. They were happy and excited and I didn’t cry until after I left. The hard part is behind me. I am thankful. Now I feel like I can solely focus on the task at hand.
The main areas that we need prayer in:
#1 – Traveling Mercies – It is snowing everywhere!! Even places that it doesn’t usually snow. Pray that our flights don’t get canceled and that we make it to Ukraine by Tuesday. We have meetings scheduled Wednesday that we need to be there (and awake) for! Our flight from Columbia leaves at 2:30pm tomorrow. And our international flight leaves from Dulles around 5pm.
#2 – We have two women who have registered for the Bible Study. Three more are very interested. Pray God continues to move in their hearts and works out the everyday details that might prevent them from coming. Satan does NOT want them there!
#3 – We have a lot to prepare once we get there and will have very little time to do it. Pray we are efficient with time and money and that we accomplish all that we need to.
Those are the crucial things now that are coming to mind. Thank you again for your support, your encouragement and your prayers. God has used so many of you in this process. So thank you for joining us in the very special ministry.
Mika’l, Michelle, and Yura

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