It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

But is it?

This has been a very different Christmas for me. December 25th hasn’t really been my focus as it usually is. I haven’t done my usual baking or gift buying. I haven’t had my usual Christmas stress either. Oh I’ve had stress, but it hasn’t been because of Christmas… And although it has been a little weird (I don’t even have my tree up!) It’s actually been a nice break from my usual Christmas chaos.

I have taken time to think more about why I do what I do and who I actually do things for. It really has been a nice change.

As I’m working through The Prophet by F.Rivers I am continually struck by things that are so relevant to the world I live it today. Even though the setting is Ancient Jerusalem. Here is an excerpt:

“Jerusalem was, indeed, a city of wealth and commerce. The people seemed to want for nothing. What they lacked had little to do with body and everything to do with the heart and soul. All their strength was spent on what they could hold in their hands.”

I read this Saturday evening. After I had spent the day fighting traffic and mobs of people as I was shopping for things I need to take to Ukraine. The crazed frenzy was quite scary really. And sad I thought.

I don’t believe this is how Christ wanted Christmas to be.

Focusing on the trivial things that mean nothing. Focusing all of our energy on something we can merely hold in our hands just to give to someone else so they can hold it in theirs.

I don’t believe it is wrong to exchange gifts. But for us humans it’s hard to keep something ‘good’ without tainting it with something ‘bad.’

So once again I was convicted. Convicted because Almighty God chose to come to this earth as a baby over 2,000 years ago to be the Savior of the world and instead of truly celebrating that glorious event, we turn it into something chaotic and commercial as only we can.

I was a little sad a few weeks ago when I realized what I had done, scheduling this trip right after Christmas. I was sad because I thought I was going to miss out on the fun things that make Christmas Christmas. But it has actually been a relief. I’m glad I’ve missed out on those things. They aren’t necessary to make Christmas Christmas. The only thing needed is Christ Himself. And I’m good with that.

2 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

  1. this made me happy-i've loved the “unchaotic” version of christmas this year too, although, again-chaos in different form.

    i'm so excited for your journey!

    p.s. blog looks awesome. what a beautiful family you have, dear.

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