Our Jewels

I thought I would send out a quick update on what we decided to name our kittens. I was reminded the other day that I had failed to do so…
It was such a hard decision. Crazy, I know. There are so many other hard decisions in life, why make this one difficult as well?
But I have always been a name person. I’d like to have more children just so I could give them a name. Weird, I know. I mean, I’d love them too…
Anyway, after asking everyone for help here and on facebook, it still took us a week to decide. We kept calling them a different name every couple of hours to see if it fit. I was about to give up and just call them both ‘kitty’ but that would never do.
I was sitting on my bed cuddled up with one thinking of how precious they had become to us. I was so glad that I had followed my heart and adopted them.
Hmmm… precious… what’s precious…?
Then it hit me! Jewels! So I called her Pearl to see if it fit… and it did!! I went and found the other one and it was so obvious. Her name was Ruby.
So there you have it! Purrl (we know that the spelling is not correct, but thought it would be a fun kitty spelling) and Ruby are their names.
                                                       Our little jewels.

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