And We’re Off… well at least getting closer

This summer has really been a roller coaster of action and emotion. So much has happened. At the start of the summer, other than a very strong desire to bring post-abortion ministry to Ukraine, nothing was set in place. But after Michelle returned from Ukraine in May it was as if a fire had been started underneath us both. Things started falling into place rapidly. It’s hard to remember the order of events, but all of a sudden things were coming together, ideas were flowing and we kept saying to each other, “Wow, it seems like things are really happening!!”

We finally decided that the best time to go would be over the Ukrainian holidays. And this was confirmed over and over again by people from Ukraine – which was important. Then the question became, this December or next December?? It seemed like an impossibility that we would actually be able to organize everything in time to leave this December. God continued to amaze us time after time as we would finally get a hold of this person or we’d finally get that information we needed. And again we would say to each other, “Wow… this is really happening!!”

And yes it is really happening!! Saturday night we bit the bullet and bought the tickets. Ready or not! Here we come!!! (and you don’t know just how literally I mean that)

Prayer Needs:

– pray for the Ukrainian team as they begin meeting and talking with pastors about the Bible Study and as the pastors pray for the women in their congregations

– pray for 6 women who God wants to call to healing, that He would begin to put the desire/need in their hearts, that they will be ready and waiting when we come in December, and that God will raise up leaders out of this first group of women

– pray for us as we prepare and study for the lessons, that we will get the Russian Bible Study books in time, that God will be with us as we make presentations and as we raise support

2 thoughts on “And We’re Off… well at least getting closer

  1. your prayers are added to mine. let's see what God will do in Ukraine, a country that still leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. i am so excited/jealous for/of you. but i will support you both as you go! it is of the Lord…

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