honing in

It’s been interesting… Since setting up a blog my thoughts have been whirling out of control. I have even been waking up in the middle of the night my thoughts turning over in my mind at 50mph. It has been difficult trying to decide on the next thing to write about. I have so many thoughts and honing in on one is proving almost impossible! Even now, I am going back and forth, back and forth…! Hopefully things will calm down eventually and I will become a much more settled blogger!

I have also been trying to decide if I should be an extremely focused blogger – blogging about very specific things and not deviating. Or if I should blog freely about whatever is going on in my mind/life at the moment. Hmmm… still not sure.

So now, I think I have finally decided on what this post should be about.


Part of the reason I wanted to start blogging was because I and my s-i-l, Michelle, will be taking a trip to Vinnitsa, Ukraine at the end of this year. I am very excited. This is something I have been praying about since my last trip to Ukraine, but more specifically since God called me to post-abortion ministry two years ago. (For that story, click on the My Story page) At first is seemed impossible, I was totally overwhelmed by the idea. Nothing has ever been done like this in this area before. But I understood that the God I serve is all powerful, all sovereign and often times chooses to use the most unlikely of people to accomplish great things for His glory.

After a couple of months praying and not discussing it with anyone, Michelle approached me one night after Russian class. She told me that God had really given her an awareness of the need for a pregnancy center in Vinnitsa and that she had a feeling that I had been praying about that too. I immediately started crying. I was just so overwhelmed that God had not only placed this on my heart, but without even discussing it with her, He had placed it on Michelle’s heart as well.

I went to the Care Net Conference a couple of months after that discussion. There was a lot going on during that time. There were so many obstacles that almost prevented me and the three other women from the BWC from going. But I knew God wanted me there and I was determined to get there. God spoke to me in a profound way while there and set me in a direction pointed straight for Ukraine. He put me in contact with the woman who wrote the actual Bible Study, Forgiven and Set Free. And also two of the three women who wrote the Facilitator’s Manuel (I would later be introduced to the third woman via skype).
I was also able to go to many workshops specific to this ministry on foreign soil and talk with so many people who had first hand experience. It was truly an amazing experience. I left very overwhelmed yet very eager for the next step. But that next step didn’t come for another year and a half. I was learning what it meant to wait on the Lord.

The beginning of this summer I felt a sudden urgency. The burden that was already present suddenly became very heavy, almost physical. So I began praying even more. Michelle took a brief trip to Ukraine with Yura and came back with wonderful information. She was able to talk with different people there who would be willing and able to help us. She left very encouraged. And since then things have been rolling. What seemed like an impossibility 5 months ago is now becoming a reality. There is still so much to do. But every time I start getting discouraged God drops something else in my lap that just wont let me give up. For instance, I just got off the phone with Misha who is in Ukraine. He just happened to call and just happened to tell me that he wanted to help us, “And really, don’t be shy”, he said, “ask me anything”, he said. So, once again… I can’t give up.

I am looking forward to sending out updates as we continue to make progress with our plans and preparation. We covet your prayers.

I really love hearing from you...

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